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  The Ocean Apothecary is natural skincare for sea swimmers, surfers and all the ocean lovers. We understand the unique challenges of saltwater exposure, from dryness and tightness to premature ageing.That's why we've formulated a range of products designed to cater to these specific concerns.

The Ocean Apothecary goes beyond mere skincare. We represent a commitment to healthier and mindful product choices. Our dedication to product consciousness is profound, with 100% recyclable packaging and natural products that are handmade in Ireland. This approach not only ensures higher quality and freshness but also reduces waste, supporting environmental well-being and sustainability.
We stand for the belief that what touches your skin should reflect the purity of nature itself. Acknowledging that your skin absorbs and influences your body, we are devoted to providing a natural solution for skincare.

Who we are..
    • Handmade in small amounts, this helps us to achieve better quality, freshness and attention to detail. It also reduces waste and adds a unique touch to our products.
    • In our process, we use natural ingredients combined with knowledge passed down through generations. 
    • Scented only with Natural essential oils, each and every ingredient is carefully chosen for their therapeutic benefits. 
    • 100% free from SLS, parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance & colour
    • Sustainability throughout the whole process from crafting to packaging.
    Our manufacturing 
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At the OA

  • Ocean

    As ocean lovers, we recognize the intense reflection and elevated levels of UV radiation and salt water in the sea. Keeping this in mind, our primary focus is on skincare. The main goal is to restore hydration and freshness to the skin after being exposed to harsh conditions.

  • Nature

    We believe that in every climate zone we will find just the plants we need. The connection between nature and our body is very important to us. Nature nourishes us and we want to gently and humbly pass this message through our products. Our alchemy offers a connection between nature and your skin. Plant treatment of our beloved skin is our mission.

  • Ritual

    Ritual has an important meaning to the routine as a whole. Turning a skincare routine into a ritual is essential and beneficial. The act of applying a cream becomes a ritual of nourishing and loving energy. The more we repeat skincare rituals over time, the more meaningful skin products become to us.