5 reasons WHY we should moisturize after saltwater?

5 reasons WHY we should moisturize after saltwater?

Moisturizing is crucial for healthy skin, and it becomes especially important after being in saltwater. Saltwater, with its high salt content, can have unique and challenging effects on the skin. So, applying moisturizer after exposure to saltwater is a vital practice to keep your skin in good condition

As refreshing as a dip in the ocean or surf can be, it can also leave your skin feeling dry, tight and lead to premature aging. This is where post-saltwater moisturization comes to the rescue!


The Ocean Apothecary (Credit: @Alice.rosaline.ward)
Here are 5 reasons WHY we should moisturize after saltwater? 
Restore Lost Moisture: Saltwater has a natural talent for drawing moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and uncomfortable. Our bodies are primarily composed of water, and losing this hydration weakens the skin barrier, making it vulnerable to irritants and environmental stressors.  


Rebalance skin pH: Seawater is alkaline, while your skin is naturally slightly acidic. This pH difference can disrupt your skin's protective barrier, making it more susceptible to irritation and harm.


Strengthen the Skin Barrier: Your skin serves as a crucial defense against external environmental factors. Saltwater exposure can weaken this protective layer, making it more vulnerable to irritants and UV radiation.


Balancing Benefits and Discomfort: The relationship between saltwater and your skin is complex. While saltwater exfoliates and benefits the skin up to a point, excessive exposure can lead to discomfort and skin issues. Experts recommend a balanced approach, harnessing the benefits while avoiding the downsides.


Premature Aging: Research shows that being in saltwater or harsh cold weather can speed up the aging process, highlighting the need for skincare after being in saltwater. Taking care of your skin afterward can help you keep a youthful and healthy appearance.


Your skin is more than just a protective layer; it's how you experience the world through touch, a sense associated with love and care. Prioritizing skin care after saltwater is not just a luxury; it's a necessity for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. 

So, don't forget to take care of your skin after that refreshing dip in the ocean - your skin will thank you!



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