Collection: Ocean Nymphs

The Ocean Apothecary creates skin care using natural ingredients like raw materials, plant extracts, and oils. We carefully choose each component for its nourishing benefits, based on our knowledge of natural remedies. We make our products in small batches.

Our packaging is selected thoughtfully for durability and sustainability. Our aluminium tubes are crafted from almost 99.7% pure alloy, making them easily recyclable and supporting the environment by reducing waste.

Why is skincare essential after being in saltwater? Our skin's pH is acidic, protecting us, while the ocean's alkaline nature aids in exfoliation. However, restoring hydration is crucial; without it, we lose moisture, reducing elasticity and making it harder for the skin to recover. This leads to dryness, tightness, and premature ageing, including wrinkles. Skincare is vital for self-care.