About The Ocean Apothecary

The Ocean Apothecary offers a skincare solution for those who've been exposed to saltwater. Our authentic formula is rooted in the wisdom of natural remedies.

Michaela, our founder and formula creator, comes from a family with a deep understanding of natural remedies, a knowledge passed down through generations, especially from her grandfather. They spent time in meadows, planting herbs to harness their power in healing rashes, muscle pain, and detoxifying the body.

Michaela continued her journey with plants and herbs, driven by her own sensitive skin. Traditional drugstore cosmetics caused itchy and rashy reactions on her face, pushing her to explore alternative solutions. Moving to Ireland and immersing herself in its famous cold waves made her skin even more sensitive to salt, wind, and sun.

In 2020, the idea for The Ocean Apothecary started because of a worry about skin health after spending a lot of time in cold saltwater. During the lockdown in Ireland and the Czech Republic, there was plenty of time to learn how to make lotions and understand how things are made. Putting together this new knowledge with her understanding of natural remedies, Michaela created our special formula.

Then Martina joined as the raconteur of this project.

The Ocean Apothecary Vision

We cultivate a strong connection between the body and the power of your mind.

We believe that self-care is the embodiment of self-love, and it begins with a conscious choice to select natural products which benefits and doesn't harm your body and doesn't harm the environment. 

The Ocean Apothecary: Where self-care aligns harmoniously with nature and yourself

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around a community of ocean lovers making conscious consumer choices. We invite you to join us on our journey towards conscious living, where together we can protect the ocean, appreciate its natural beauty, and celebrate our commitment to it. 

The Ocean Apothecary: Where ocean-inspired beauty meets skincare awareness.